Varieties of Outpatient Treatment

Varieties of Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment of drug has got many common features of the Residential treatment program. But the major difference is the freedom of movement that is provided to the patients. This helps them to be in regular touch with friends and family. It also provides the facility to return back home after daily visits, thus maintaining privacy. Since they are coming back after daily visits, they don't need to narrate the reason of their absence to friends and colleagues. But it is seen that these patients again get addicted again as they come back from the center. So, they should rather realize the harsh consequences and make up their mind not to enter into the world again. There are many types of outpatient treatment programs that are available.

Types of Outpatient Treatment

  • Day Hospitalization

This program allows the patients to continue living at their home while issues on their addiction are worked out. But the patients also require a good lot of time for carrying on the treatment that is almost scheduled every week and the total time taken for the treatment can vary from one person to another. This program requires the commitment of the highest time as the patients are asked to participate in different programs during their course of treatment almost every day at the treatment center.

Intensive Treatment for Outpatient

This is the only way the patients get handled properly as they have to visit the treatment center almost every day and has to stay there throughout the day for getting intensive help for curing their addiction. The patients get to learn a lot of things while they are associated with the process of healing. After they have been healed properly, they may be able to take care of their children and their own jobs as they had done before.

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