Nationwide Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

At Banyan Treatment Center & Detox, we provide addiction treatment programs and detox for a variety of substances. Each of our clients has different problems surrounding their active addiction and require individualistic care. A supervised medical detox is required in most cases, because the withdrawal process can lead to serious health complications, seizures, or even death. Read more about the services we provide at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center.

We are a family of individuals that come from diverse backgrounds; however addiction affects all of us in the same way.  It devastates lives and families.  We came together with a simple mission: to help people break free from the bonds of addiction.  We are not a “one fits all place” and we have the experienced staff and infrastructure to truly offer individualized, custom treatment programs that are tailored to fit every need. Not many addiction treatment centers have the ability to offer all levels of care and custom treatment plans.

Inpatient Treatment Options

Drug addiction, as we all know is an acute disease characterized by the use of harmful drugs that results in dangerous consequences and have a long lasting effect. If taken proper preventive measures one can be cured of it and if not it will result in permanent damage to the brain. Drug addiction is often named as a relapsing disease. This means there is a tendency of getting addicted again after an attempt to stop it. There are various types of treatment available to help an individual from its evil clutches. One of them is Inpatient treatment.

Inpatient rehabilitation treatment has some unique traits or qualities. These rehabs provide residential treatment programs which are designed to cure some of the serious addicts. The types of inpatient treatment are:

  • 12 Step Treatment Centers

This is the most common type of inpatient treatment program. The treatment persuades the clients to participate in 12 step support group such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous in addition to various other therapies. This program is based on the premise that the drug has taken control over the addict and made his life wrecked. In order to be free, the addict must take the support of a recovery group which consists of the person experiencing similar activity.

  • Holistic Drug Treatment

Holistic Drug Treatment has some specific set of programs which treats the entire body and observes the disease of addiction from three different aspects. The first aspect is that it is a spiritual disease and the soul of the person is attacked by the drug first. The second aspect is that it results in the physical change of the body parts and makes them impaired. The third aspect changes the chemistry of the brain and the addict becomes preoccupied with the usage of the harmful substances.

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