Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Co-occurring Disorders and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

The dual diagnosis treatment is a new innovation in the world of recovery from various types of addictions. This treatment successfully blends the different aspects of substance abuse treatment and the care associated with mental health. Instead of differentiating between addiction and psychiatric health, the areas are treated to be the part of a continuum. Clinicians who are presently working on addiction treatment are now able to receive proper training on the treatment of the co-occurring disorders that are associated with the mental health of the patient. The dedicated rehab centers also provide facilities of dual diagnosis as and when required by the patient.

Finding Proper Rehab Centers

Finding out the right program for rehabilitation is a challenging task still today. Especially if one is struggling enough with anxiety and depression along with drug abuse. Many come up with the question: what are co-occurring disorders? The patients who are suffering from both mental and health disorders along with the drug abuse are known to suffer from the co-occurring disorder. It is also known as the dual disorders. This is the actual condition where the dual diagnosis is required. The treatment provides a lot of hope for dual diagnosis patients. For recovering completely, the patient should be having a parallel treatment for both substance use and mental health from a highly trained team of doctors and psychiatrists. He should also be having the anti-anxiety and the anti-depressants medicines that are a must for the co-occurring disorders. The therapy of supportive approach helps to reinforce the self-esteem and self-confidence in patients instead of paying attention to their negative and aggressive behaviors.

Sometimes the family members along with the children and spouses are involved in the treatment so that the patient can be treated and recovered fully through group meetings and individual counseling apart from the education that he receives.

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